Concrete Spacer Mold

1. Concrete Spacer Plastic Mold

- Plastic molding (casting) concrete pillows (also known as concrete cover, concrete blocks) is a type of PP (100% virgin plastic) used to pour concrete pillows. to list and position steel for concrete items, columns, beams and floors.

- Plastic molds for pouring concrete pillows have many different designs and shapes as well as dimensions to create millets of different sizes suitable for each purpose of steel Statistics and steel positioning

- Plastic molds pouring concrete pillows including types:

Mold type

Spacer imager


Concrete spacer plastic mold - Single size

 Concrete Spacer Single Size Goi ke be tong don kich thuoc CSS075F-1


Concrete spacer plastic mold - Multi size

Concrete Spacer Multi Size Goi ke be tong da kich thuoc CSM202530-1

YB5216 Copy

Concrete spacer plastic mold - Circular

Concrete Spacer Circular goi ke be tong dang tron CSC2012-1

NC203010U Copy

Concrete spacer plastic mold - Bar form



Concrete spacer plastic mold - Wire

Concrete Spacer Wire Goi ke be tong co soi thep CSS025C-2

 Other names: Plastic molds pouring concrete pillows, plastic molds casting concrete pillars, plastic molds casting concrete mill. millet concrete molds for floors, plastic molds for casting concrete millers, plastic molds for casting concrete millers, concrete millers for plastic molds, concrete millers for sale.

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