Metal Lath

Coil Lath (Galvanized Lath):


- Metal Coil Lath (galvanized lath) used to create links between the wall and brick columns or links with external brick wall in the corner.

- It’s carefully formed diamond keys allow for proper embedment and keying of the scratch coat on all types of walls. Can be used with hand and machine applied plaster

- Suitable where a restraint is required between masonry and in-situ structures. They can be fixed to a range of materials including concrete, steelwork and masonry.

- Applications in interior and exterior. Links with screws, no rust..... Increase speed in execution.

- Anti-cracking reinforcement for non-structural use

- Packaging: 50 metres / roll.

  • Metal Angel Bead
  • Metal Angel Bead
  • Metal Angel Bead

Metal Coil Lath sizes:






Depth (mm) Download
0,3 - 0.45
      W      = 1,3
      SWD = 16
       LWD = 31

Other names: galvanized lath, light brick wall frame tie, galvanized light brick wall frame tie, galvanized frame tie light brick wall, steel frame links, galvanized steel frame links, Galvanized steel link, coil lath, expanded metal lath, coil mesh, metal mesh, flat rib lath, Hi-rib, Rib, galvanized mesh

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